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A Business Website is the Digital Showroom of your Brick and Mortar Business.  In many cases this will be the first thing that your prospective client will see of your business as people tend to do online research about businesses before they decide to buy or make use of their services.

It is important that all Relevant and Important information is easily accessible on your business website.  Your contact information must not be hidden somewhere and it should contain a quick online contact form.

Freelance Express strives to give every client a Professional Business Website based on our experience of what works and what not.  Our Business Website Designs are simple yet effective, pleasing to the eye while - at the same time - taking the objective of the business website into consideration.

Freelance Express's specialises in Affordable Business Website Design - giving you all the bells and whistles without the expensive price tag.

Whether you are a new business just starting out or an established business, we can design, build and host your new Business Website, register your domain name and provide you with free help and support services. To ensure your new website stands out from your competitors, we can advise you on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and tips to boost traffic to your new site.

If you already have a Business Website which just needs re-focusing or updating, or you would like to add some interactive features, we can work with you to improve your branding and image, increase functionality or add some interactive tools such as a sliders, a blog (which is great for SEO), e-newsletters or an online shop (ecommerce)

I wanted a website for my new service, Co-composer, and tried various companies and individuals for help. After literally a few months, I was unable to find someone who could build the site for me, keeping it basic, but at at a reasonable price. Also, the date on which I wanted to launch Co-composer was rapidly approaching. I then accidentally came across a post on Facebook wherein Maryke from Freelance Express invited someone else to contact her for web designing. I also got in touch with her, and after providing her with all the necessary documentation, it was literally 2 days before the whole site was up and running smoothly. I have lots of plans for things I’d like to implement on my website, and I won’t go anywhere else again. Freelance Express, you are a life saver, and a damn good one at that.
Quinten PendleOwner of PendlePro and CoComposer

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