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Google Adwords – Martie Joubert – Independent Herbalife Distributor

Martie Joubert contacted Freelance Express as she felt that her online marketing was not paying off.  We made sure that her listing in Google Maps and Business was done correctly and started a Google Adwords Campaign for her.

Martie Joubert - Independent Herbalife Distributor - Nelspuit - Google Maps
Google Maps Position for Martie – Independent Herbalife Distributor

We also created 4 Google Adwords Campaings for her:

These are the Google Adwords Text Ads

Targeted Keywords – Weight Loss for Older Women

Older Women lose Weight

Safest weight loss programme for older women. I’ll show you how!

Target link:  http://herbal-nutrition.net/Martie/blog/lose-2kg-per-week

Targeted Keywords – Business Opportunity

Start making money today

Join today and take control of your financial future and your life.

Target link:  http://herbal-nutrition.net/Martie/careers

Targeted Keywords – Maintain your Weight Loss

Maintain your Weight Loss

Maintaining my weight since 2005

Let me show you how today.

Target link: http://herbal-nutrition.net/Martie

Targeted Keywords – Herbalife Products Online

Herbalife Products Online

Healthy Nutrition and Weight Loss made easy.  Secure online shopping.

Target link: http://herbal-nutrition.net/Martie

Herbalife Products Online - Google Adwords Ad showing on Page 1 of Google
Here is here Google Adwords Ad Showing up on Page 1 in Google Search

And here are snapshots of her Google Adwords Display Ads.  Previews of some Display ads can be accessed here.

Google Adwords - Display Ad
Google Adwords – Display Ad


Martie Joubert - Independent Herbalife Distributor - Nelspuit - Google Adwords - video ad - display network
Google Adwords – Google Display Video Ad


This campaign was launched on 8 September and today (09 September) you can see the amount of clicks the TEXT Google Adwords ads have generated

Google Adwords - Clicks from 8 September - 9 September
Clicks Generated by Google Adwords Text ads for Google Search Network. This was achieved even though the daily budget was set very low.


Kick Start your online business today with Google Adwords.