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How to Attract Clients for your Facebook Business Page

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A Step by Step Guide on How to Attract Clients on Facebook:


It is always important to remember that there is a vast difference between a personal profile and a Facebook Business Page on Facebook. DO NOT create a personal profile for your business. Chances are that your business profile will be deleted by Facebook without prior notice! (If your Social Media Manager tells you to create a Personal Profile for your Business – re-evaluate your business relationship with him/her)


Your Facebook Business Page consists of 2 key elements:


Facebook Business Page Timeline:

1 Facebook Business Page Timeline

This is where your Page visitor will land by default. On this page you have the following:

  1. Cover Photo: This picture’s dimensions are 851px X 315px. This picture should not be seen as ‘advertising space’ as prices and specials are not allowed to feature on this image. (Facebook is known to remove images that do not conform to their terms of service. Use this area to say something about your business. Use images and phrases that describe your business.
  2. Profile picture. With clever planning, you can make the profile picture part of your cover photo.
  3. Tabs (links) to different areas on your Facebook Business Profile
  4. Highlight images – you can highlight posts by clicking on the littler star next to your status update and the update will be highlighted over the width of your timeline.
  5. You can also ‘highlight’ a status update by ‘pinning’ it to the top of your timeline.
  6. Milestones are also great to get a message across. For example, you are planning to add a new service to your business. Add it to your timeline with the milestones function.
  7. Your timeline is also the place where you can post status updates about interesting facts about your industry or anything else you deem necessary. To make things easier, you can also link your timeline to your Twitter account to automatically publish your post to your Twitter Profile.
  1. Facebook Business Page Tabs:

2Facebook Business Page Tabs

  1. The default tabs on your Facebook Business profile are the following:
    1. Photos: The Photo’s tab is a great tool. With this you can upload images of your projects, give descriptions that contain keywords and also add a link to the specific product/service on your site. You can also use this tab to introduce the key personnel of your business with professional photos.
    2. Likes: This tab shows the people that have ‘liked’ your page. You can contact these people directly about your products/services as they’ve already shown an interest in what your business has to offer.
    3. Map: The map is an easy way for your client to find your offices.
  2. Additional tabs can contain extra applications relating to your business such as:
    1. Customized landing tab where you offer your client an incentive to become a ‘fan’ of your page – See a sample of a Customized Facebook Business Page Landing Tap.
    2. Applications such as your Twitter feed, Your LinkedIn Profile, Your YouTube Channel and an RSS feed from your site.



Challenges related to Facebook Business Profiles:


  1. Getting people to ‘like’ your page and
  2. Engage your page visitors with your brand.


Building your Facebook Business Page Audience for free:


  1. When you are in the editing (managing) mode of your page, click on the ‘Build Audience’ tab.
  2. You can invite email contacts by logging into your email service provider and invite your contacts to like your page.
  3. You can invite your friends on Facebook to ‘like’ your page or
  4. You can share your page on your ‘timeline’.
  5. A little secret is the ‘invite your email contacts other tools’ function. If you have a contact list (emails only) saved in csv format, you can upload this file and send an invite to these contacts to ‘like’ your page. (Important note: Your csv file should only contain email addresses)
  6. Add a link to your Facebook Business Page on your LinkedIn Profile.
  7. Add a link to your Facebook Business Page on your newsletters.


Building your Facebook Business Page Audience with cost:


  1. Add a link to your Facebook Page to your stationery (letterheads, business cards, flyers, advertisements) your emails and on your website.
  2. Get ‘likes’ on your page by creating a Facebook Advertisement. Personally I don’t really like using Facebook Advertising only to drive ‘likes’ to my business page. I do two advertisements:
    1. One to drive ‘likes’ to my page and
    2. One to drive traffic to my site


Engage with your Facebook Business Page Audience (clients, page visitors, fans)


When you have completed the ‘building your audience’ phase, you must start engaging with these people.


  1. Listen to your audience. Read what they have to say, run a poll and determine which of our posts gets more responses. An excellent sample of a company that engages with its clients is definitely FNB. I’ve asked questions on their page, made suggestions and even had a complaint at some stage. And with every comment I made on their page, I’ve always received feedback and help. Have a look at FNB’s business profile here.
  2. Follow up on questions and queries, be energetic and always keep the customer in mind whenever you post an answer.
  3. Keep people updated on what is happening within your business such as moving to a new office, birthdays, anniversaries, births, accolades, special mentions, new employees and successes. This way your client gets to know the people behind the brand. (Important: when someone leaves your business, make sure that you let your clients know and tell them how you are going to manage their account)
  4. Create events – if this is applicable to your business. Events you could create could be a ‘thank our loyal customers day) by giving them the opportunity to get a small service for free. Like updating their information in your database – anything small that won’t cost your business a fortune but will make your client feel important, valued and most of all – appreciated.
  5. Invite your ‘followers’ to sign up for your newsletter.
  6. When visitors write on our wall or become ‘fans’ treat them like a VIP. Welcome them to your page and if possible – if they have a page/website – add a link to this when replying to them.
  7. Think of creative ways to get people to engage on your page. Invite them to ask questions and when you answer them, ALWAYS add a link to a RELEVANT page on your website. Example – if someone asks Freelance Express why they use ‘WordPress’ as a CMS, we will write one or two reasons on the timeline and then add the link to our page where we explain the benefits of using WordPress in more detail. (Always remember that the goal for Social Media Marketing is to drive visitors to your website.)
  8. Show case one of your clients each week on your page with a short description of his/her services and a link to their website. If they don’t have a website – ask their permission first – you can add telephone number. This way you will show that you appreciate your client and you are also willing to promote his business.


ALWAYS post on your Facebook Business Page as Admin of the page. This way you create an awareness of your Facebook Business Page.

IMPORTANT TIP: A little known secret about posting as you Facebook Business Page:

  1. Make a list of pages that compliment your business services.
  2. Visit them once a week – as your page (not personal profile) and make helpful comments on questions that their clients ask.
  3. Your comments will show up as the owner of your Facebook Business Page and you can drive people to your page if your comments are really helpful.