Quinten Pendle produces any type of music to help paint just the right picture in the listeners mind, whether it’s an action packed game play, an adrenaline-filled movie scene, or a very tender moment, Quinten’s music will help bring this scene to it’s utmost.

Our Client Says:

I wanted a website for my new service, Co-composer, and tried various companies and individuals for help. After literally a few months, I was unable to find someone who could build the site for me, keeping it basic, but at at a reasonable price.

Also, the date on which I wanted to launch Co-composer was rapidly approaching.

I then accidentally came across a post on Facebook wherein Maryke from Freelance Express invited someone else to contact her for web designing. I also got in touch with her, and after providing her with all the necessary documentation, it was literally 2 days before the whole site was up and running smoothly.

I have lots of plans for things I’d like to implement on my website, and I won’t go anywhere else again.

Thanks Maryke, you are a life saver, and a damn good one at that.