PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click) marketing is paid marketing that a website owner can undertake by making use of various platforms.

Freelance Express offers you 3 PPC Platforms namely, Google Adwords, Facebook Targeted Advertising and Linkedin Business Advertising.

In all instances we charge a 10% management fee for the three platforms.

This fee includes:

1.  Setting up of your marketing strategy

2.  Pin Pointing Keywords to use in your strategy

3.  Geo Targeting

4.  Demographic Targeting

5.  Creation of Text and Image based Marketing Campaigns.

Google Adwords is Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising platform.

With Google Adwords you can target your advertisements to show only in the country and/or town with international and local placements. If you have a service where you can service anyone anywhere in the world, you can make use of the international placement option. But if you have a business where you can only service clients locally, you can make use of local targeted placements.

Google Adwords gives you the option on where you would like your ads to display.
The most commonly used is the Google Search Network. When you opt for this option it means that your ad that you created with Google Adwords will show either at the top or on the left hand side of the Google Search Network.

Google Adwords Advertisement Placement in the Google Search Network.

The Google Display Network is where you can choose specific sites withing the Google Display Network where you want your advertisements to show. For Example: Freelance Express offers a service that is ideally suited for people who want to start a business as well as having a strong online presence. That is why we chose the following sites to display our Google Adwords Display Ad.
IOL – this is news site – thousands of people read their news on the IOL Network.
News 24 – has different areas where you can pinpoint your placement
Entrepreneurmag.co.za – The name says it all.

Google Adwords Ads

More and more people are starting to access the internet with their smart phones. It only makes sense to add your Google Adwords Ads to the mobile network. This way you are broadening your reach and this results to more visitors to your site.

With a Google Adwords Campaign you only pay for results. You have 2 options inGoogle Adwords and they are Pay per click and Pay per impressions.
The most commonly used option is the Pay Per Click option where you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.
Pay per impressions simply means that you will pay a certain amount for how many times your advertisement is displayed.
CPC – Only pay when someone clicks on your link.

Benefits of Google Adwords

One of the main Benefits of Google Adwords is that you will be able to have your site at the number 1 position in Google almost instantaneously.
Anybody can make use of Google Adwords to launch an online marketing campaign, whether they have a site or not. Google Adwords is the most cost effective online marketing platform as you only pay for results.

You can have your website in nr1 position within the Google Search Network super fast as Google Adwords Campaigns start to run as soon as you entered your billing information. This is also ideal for businesses that have just had their website done and are waiting for their site to be indexed by Google.

With Google Adwords you will receive targeted visitors to your website. This means that the person made use of a search string that is relevant to your business’s service or product. They are usually ready to buy and therefor are called targeted visitors.

With Google Adwords Display Network you can build your brand by adding your logo and slogan to your display ad. The display ads show up on targeted websites in over 60 different categories. The Google Display Network is the largest network in the World with millions of ad impressions daily which reaches 81% of global online users.
Your will be able to monitor your ad’s performance within your Google Adwords Control Panel and make changes whenever you need.

For example, if a Keyword is not performing, you can remove it from your Google Adwords Campaign.

Your Google Adwords Campaigns can be enhanced by adding your contact details to your ad. This is specifically great within the Google Mobile Network where someone, looking for your kind of service or product, will be able to call you directly. One in every 3 Mobile Search queries have local intent. Mobile users usually look for a store nearby and therefor ask for directions. People who would like to order a take-away, will be able to phone the business. With more than 5 Billion mobile users worldwide, you cannot afford to not having a Mobile Google Adwords Campaign.

A key Benefit of Google Adwords is that you can further target your campaign by adding specific links to specific areas of your site. For example: If someone is searching for ‘Website Designers’, they could also be interested in Social Media Marketing. You can add a link to your Social Media Marketing page to your ad, thus giving the potential client more options.
If you make use of videos on your site, you will also be able to setup a Google Adwords Video Ad. YouTube averages 2 Billion Video views per day and is the 2nd most popular search Engine after Google
By creating a Google Adwords Campaign you can make full use of all the Benefits of Google Adwords.

There are currently millions of Facebook users and one can start to feel lost trying to keep tabs on everything going on.  Luckily with Facebook Ads, you can start a marketing campaign that is targeted.

Targeting options include:

1. Area

2. Age

3. Demographics

4. Interests

and more.

Facebook Ads can be used to direct clients to your Facebook Page or to your website.  You can further fine tune the landing page by a specific link to a specific page of interest.

Always remember that the page that you direct your clients to, must always have a strong call to action.

You can set up a daily budget in your Facebook Ads, thus making sure that you do not overspend.

Facebook has a fully functional reporting application where you can view your advertisements date.  You can see how many people have clicked on your ad as well as calculate your return on investment.

What you should remember that for Facebook – Socializing comes first!  They have strict rules and regulations regarding the type of ads as well as the wording of advertisements.

LinkedIn is a Community site where professionals converce and interact with each other.  Just like Google and Facebook they offer PPC marketing to people that have company pages on LinkedIn.

You can also target your marketing campaign and track your advertisments performance in the dashboard.

LinkedIn also sends emails to you giving your tips and advice on how to better your marketing campaign.

They also have a feature where people that click on your ad can choose wether they want you to contact you.  Therefore successfully converting a maybe into a sale.