Social Media is a widely debated subject and when you do a search for this on Google you will find hundreds of Gurus out there trying to sell some kind of gimick to help you sell more, get more visitors and making thousands of dollars.  BUT I need to caution you, it is not that easy.

Social Media Marketing requires dedication and some work each work to receive viable results.  You will find that the Gurus tell you that you need to be on every platform that is available, but you don’t.  No-one has the time to be on each platform everyday.

Here at Freelance Express we believe in he BIG 5 of Social Media Marketing and they are the following:

Your Website

Your website should be professional and portray your business’s ethics.  Your site should inform your client.  Your client must be able to contact you and most of all – your site must be easily navigateable.


Facebook is first and foremost a social platform.  Here people stay in touch with loved ones and share ideas, pictures and life stories.  People on Facebook do not like to be bombarded with advertising.

Many people make the mistake of creating a profile with their business’s name and then go on inviting people to be friends with the business.  THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!!

First of all you need to create a personal profile.  Invite your friends, family and any other people of interest.  Start socializing with them while you start building you BUSINESS PAGE.

After people have come to know you, you can start inviting them to like your business page.

Engage people on your page by asking questions, giving advice and ANSWERING QUESTIONS.  Most imporantly – you MUST always answer negative feedback by either apologizing or offering a solution.


If you are serious in marketing your business, you need to be on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn takes a while to take off, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Just like Facebook, you need to create your personal profile and the create your company’s profile.

On the company profile you can add products and services and also add highlights.

Invite people to follow your company on LinkedIn and make sure that you add your portfolio to your company page.


Twitter is a great way to update your followers about things that are happening in your company.  Short messages with links is a great way of marketing.

Always make sure that your following balances with your followers.  Don’t follow to many people and don’t only have followers.

You need to engage and retweet as well.


Pinterest is a great place to showcase your work.  You can create a company profile immediately and pin photo’s of your products/services with a description and a link to a specific page.