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Woocommerce – Change Language Files

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[heading]Woocommerce – Change Language Files[/heading]

Recently I decided to change my Woocommerce eCommerce to an Enquiry Engine instead of an eCommerce Solution.  For that I needed to Change the Language files.  For Example:  Cart should be Enquiry Basket and Products should be Packages.

You must download the Codestyling Localization plugin, which allows you to translate the plugin directly in the WP admin panel.

I found this article about Woocommerce – Change Language Files and followed the steps they gave there.

IMPORTANT! … When you’ve done your language translation, download the .mo and .po files to your computer because you will need them any time Woocommerce has an update.

If you’d like to change your eCommerce Solution to and Enquiry Solution you can download the .mo and .po files for en_US here:

THE PROBLEM IS … That when a new update for Woocommerce rolls around, the language reverts back to the default and you need to Change the Language files again!

Follow the following steps to Woocommerce – Change Language Files when an update has been done.

Step 1 – In the Localization Plugin Add your ‘new’ language – Choose en_US (When you return to the Localization Plugin, you will see that the .po file has been created. Now before you do anything else …

Step 2 – Upload your .mo and .po to your language library.

Step 3 – Return to the Localization Plugin and click on ‘Rescan’

Step 4 – Click on ‘Edit’ and then on ‘Generate mo-file’

Your language will now be reset to en_US and your eCommerce solution will be an Enquiry Engine.